Ending the Cycle of Fear

Utilizing Critical Consciousness to Better Understand Muslims, Ourselves, and All Others

Acquire cultural competence skills that apply to this topic and beyond!


Be the change you want to see in the world - Mahatma Gandhi 


Interested in learning more about the highly relevant topic of the growing population of Muslims  today?

This timely topic is one that continues to be talked about in the media, as well as in professional and casual conversations.  Muslims represent about 1/4 of the world's human population, yet it is a group that is severely misunderstood in America.  Even if professionals don't have any Muslims in their schools or organizations, this topic lends itself to overall cultural competence and social justice in a way that relates to us all in current matters today. In order to decrease the many great divides that ignorance causes, we must gain an increased understanding of the unknown to become greater allies of social justice.

Join us as we learn more about this vast population as it relates to us as Americans as well as to all of humanity.  Huda Essa uses her personal experiences including those as an educator, consultant and avid world traveler to provide audiences with a unique, quality experience.  This engaging and thought-provoking session is guaranteed to have you walk away with an increased critical consciousness, intercultural maturity and practical strategies that you can own and teach to others.   This is definitely a session you won’t want to miss!

This engaging learning opportunity includes but is not limited to topics such as...


- Diversity of Arab & Muslim World

- Cultural vs Religious traits

- Religious Similarities and Differences

- Religious Dress and Gestures

- Considering other Views and Perceptions

- Build awareness of Unconscious Bias

- Islamophobia; Revealing Truths through Research Based Facts

    - Consider Relation to History and Other Groups

- Learn tools to  cultivate cultutes of inclusivity and respect for all religious identities

- Identify rights of students  to engage in religious practices within school setting

- Increase Critical Consciousness

   - Gain Simple Strategies to Apply and Share

- Apply New Knowledge to Communications with All People


Interactive Workshop which will include small group work focused on...

- Identifying the Benefits of Embracing and Valuing Diversity

      - Individual and Holistic benefits

- In depth look at our own Social Identities

          -  How Our Identities affect our Views & Perceptions

- Understanding the role of Privilege in our Unconscious Biases

- Using Privilege to Support being an Ally for Social Justice


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