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Her culturally authentic and responsive texts are excellent resources to help you increase inclusion and relationship building among children and adults alike.  Check them out!


Teach Us Your Name was created to empower children to teach others how to pronounce their names the way they want them to be said.  Embracing the diversity of our names is one of the first steps we can take to show our appreciation of diversity and inclusion.  This book lends itself to countless invaluable discussions about cultural norms, languages, unconscious bias, and much more.  Most of all, Teach Us Your Name is focused on showing respect for ourselves and all others.  Be sure to download the free resources below to maximize the benefits of this book!

Click on the image below to watch the author's TED Talk to learn more about the topic and the author's inspiration.  This video is a great resource to use with older children and adults.  This can be used as a discussion starter in many ways from use in classrooms and staff meetings to sharing on social media.  Check it out for yourself to see why it is a sure conversation starter that leads to increased understanding and knowledge!     


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Free Supplemental Resources 

Supplemental Teacher Resource: Discussion guide and activities

Huda Essa's Article about this topic in ASCD Education Update

Huda Essa's Discussion Guide for use with her TED Talk video

Author Reading

TED Talk: Your Name is the Key!

In yet another meaningful culturally authentic and relevant text, this story allows for children and adults alike to engage in important learning about ourselves and the people we share our world with.  This story allows us to focus on the learning to be had from valuing our diversity while recognizing that we have much more in common than we often think. In this book, Adam and his family spend an exciting day at the colorful and bustling Eastern Market. But when Adam gets briefly separated from Mom and Dad, he mistakes a friendly, diverse cast of characters for his parents in their traditional Muslim clothing--and shows that we all have more in common than you might think. This nearly-wordless picture book celebrates diversity and community in vibrant, dynamic art.  Children will learn to become "cultural detectives" who use their wonderful curiosities to gain knowledge and build connections with all of humanity.


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